Do you take online reservations at your campground?

If you’re looking to take more reservations this year, the easiest solution might literally be under your nose (and on your computer).

online reservations

Online reservations are expected for hotels, bed and breakfasts, government-run campgrounds, vacation rentals, and so on. But the private camping industry has been slow to adapt.

It’s estimated that less than 50% of all campgrounds in the US offer online bookings, and while that number is on the rise, making the transition to an online solution can feel like a big jump.

Will it bring more business? Will it make life easier? Will it even be a good experience for guests?

According to campground owners, yes.

Here are seven reasons why you should start taking online reservations at your campground ASAP.

1. Online reservations bring you more bookings.

Let’s not bury the lead. Online reservations make you more money.

Having an online booking system can increase your reservations almost instantly. On average, we found that, just by adding online bookings, our campgrounds increase their reservations by 25%.

online bookings

It’s not magic so much as it is practical.

An online system doesn’t have an office that closes at 5 pm (or 6 pm, or 7 pm, or ever), meaning it can accommodate 24/7 reservations.

While most guests aren’t trying to book a site at two in the morning, there are a fair number of campers who will make reservations after office hours if there’s an easy way to do it. Meaning you can be making money and boosting your campgrounds occupancy while you sleep.

2. Online reservations drive revenue from channel partners.

Channel partners (or online travel agencies) exist to send more reservations to properties. Setting up online bookings makes it easy to get more eyeballs on your website.

online bookings

By using Campground Booking we do the heavy lifting for you and automatically synch up your reservation grid with our channel partners, including Outdoorsy, Go RVing Canada, Travel British Columbia, and the Canadian Campground and RV Council (CCRVC), we’ve been able to attract an additional 2 million visitors, who booked 80,000 nights across our platforms.

online reservations from channel partners

On average this brought campgrounds an added $2,500 in reservations. In laymen’s terms, having channel partners will grow your audience quicker, by getting you in front of customers who might not ordinarily stumble upon your campground.

3. Online reservations save you time and money.

Park owners don’t want to be cooped up in an office all day answering emails and phone calls.

Online bookings mean more autonomy and more time outdoors, interacting with guests. Not to mention that on average our campgrounds reported saving 300 hours of annual staffing costs. Imagine what you could do to grow your campground with less overhead and more freedom from your desk.

online bookings

4. Online reservations make the check-in process a breeze.

Pen and paper is great, but not if it’s overwhelming your business…

why online bookings for campgrounds

With an online solution, can pull up their existing booking and check guests into their site, instead of having to ask for additional information. This means you won’t have to sort through a mountain of paperwork, and you won’t have a line out the door with rigs waiting to park.

Additionally, online bookings mean you can easily adopt a more flexible system for property management. Administrative tasks like phone calls and emails can be automated. And with color-coded reservations on drag-and-drop dashboards, systems have never been more user-friendly. No eraser or post-it notes needed.

Reservation Grid Demo from Campground Booking

5. Online reservations make day-to-day tasks ridiculously easy.

A one-stop-shop reservation system can keep you updated on the minutiae of your business.

Customized settings with Campground Booking.

Whether you need email alerts for new reservations, revenue reports, dynamic rates for pricing on weekends and holidays, or specific taxes based on specific sites, an all-in-one solution can cover even the trickier parts of operating a campground.

Plus, they’re fully mobile responsive, meaning you can literally run your business from anywhere.

6. Online reservations are better for guests.

Online bookings don’t just make park owners’ lives easier, they also benefit guests. Book-by-map features and availability calendars allow campers to know exactly where and when their favorite spots will be up for grabs.

reservation calendar

With a digital option for making reservations, your customers will be able to book from anywhere without calling, emailing, leaving a voicemail, or filling out an online form. The process is faster and more seamless for campers, making them happy to stay with you before they even arrive!

7. Online reservations give you teammates.

Here at Campground Booking, we don’t just offer a way to take online reservations. We’re a team of full-time RVers, outdoor lovers, and campground owners who love sharing what we know about the industry.

That’s why here on our blog, you see tips and articles on how to start and grow your campground.


Ponderosa Pines
Heath (CEO) of Campground Booking with Phyllis and Kirk (owners) of Ponderosa Pines in Lower Cape, NB.

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