Hey guys, Heath here. Really excited to dig into some of the new features we’ve pushed over the past sixty days for Campground Booking. Quite a few of these have been in the works for sometime, but based on feedback from our amazing campgrounds (aka you guys) we’re now excited to share some of what we’ve been working on.

Just a note before digging into these features, just wanted to say how grateful we are for all the incredible feedback we’ve gotten so far from campgrounds using our product. Most of you we talk to on a very regular basis and this summer, my wife (Alyssa) and I were able to meet some of you in person on our trip across Canada. We’re so excited to kick off another camping season with all of you.

Campground Booking Product Updates:

  • Drag and drop dashboard (with speed improvements)
  • Group bookings feature
  • Adding inventory items onto a reservation
  • Advanced tax customization
  • More reports!

Coming soon:

  • Integration with GoRVing Canada as a booking partner (aka you’ll be able to accept reservations from GoRVing Canada)

Drag and Drop Dashboard

Preview of the drag and drop dashboard

This is one of our major product releases that we pushed out a couple weeks ago. The core idea with this feature is that it allows you to easily move reservations around on the dashboard, without having to individually click into each booking.

Especially during busy camping season, this will be a big time saver. The drag and drop dashboard also allows you to hover over the end of a reservation to extend the booking. You can then click the “i” to collect remaining balance, all from the dashboard. The whole idea with this feature is to save you time when managing your upcoming and in-campground guests.

Group Bookings

The group bookings feature has been a major request and we’re excited to share that it’s now live! Below is a full tutorial on how to use group bookings at your campground.

How to Handle Group Reservations with Campground Booking from Heath Padgett on Vimeo.

What you can do with group bookings:

  • Create a group bookings within the same dashboard reservation flow (by selecting add on each of the sites you’d like to reserve)
  • Add existing reservations into a new group reservation
  • Filter reservations by the groups coming to your park (inside of reservations tab)
  • Highlight all of the group bookings on your dashboard
  • Highlight a specific group booking on your dashboard (you can do this by selecting

Advanced Tax Customization

Another new feature we released this week is an easier way to customize the various tax settings inside of Campground Booking. Previously, you can add only a few standard tax rates. Now, you can add as many tax rates as you need.

To edit the tax settings, click on settings and then taxes. Inside of taxes, you can add as many tax line items as you need. Then, you can set a standard tax rate for your entire park and also customize individual tax settings for various site types. This way, if you have site types with different tax rates, you can ensure everything is being taxed correctly.

This new tax customization also applies to inventory items as well (see below). When adding new inventory items, you can customize the tax rates for each individual item.