Customized to fit the needs of your park.

We know that every campground is different, that’s why we offer a suite of settings that allow you to customize your reports, booking settings, seasonal rates, and much more.

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Customized to fit the needs of your park.

"I don't want guests to be able to pick a specific site number online."

“I don’t want guests to be able to pick a specific site number online.”

In talking with a lot of campgrounds, one of the big concerns that we’ve heard is that they have a variety of site lengths and widths that are hard to understand when reserving online. This is why that in addition to a large set of custom settings we’ve created, we give campgrounds the ability to choose whether guests book a site type or site number online.

Booking by site types.

Some of our campgrounds prefer to let guests book online by site type. One of the perks with this approach is that park employees can move guests around up until the day they arrive, as the guest hasn’t chosen a specific site.

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Booking by specific sites.

Other campgrounds prefer to let their guests select the exact site in which they want to stay. This allows guests to pick their favorite site or sites near their friends and family.

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Let your guests choose by site number or site type.

Some parks prefer to let guests choose a specific site number and some prefer to let guests book by a site type (ex: back-in). We offer a simple way to choose how guests book online.

Control your rates by day, month, or season.

With CampgroundBooking, you can set up each of your site types to have a daily, weekly or monthly rate that is generated each time a reservation is made.

Set maximum number of dates a guest can reserve online.

If you want a guest to only reserve a maximum number of 14 nights online, you can easily set that up.

Configure deposit and cancellation rules.

In your settings, you can set up a percentage-based deposit, collect first night rate or a flat fee. Also, you can set up your own cancellation rules, as a flat or percentage fee.

Charge for additional guests, vehicles or pets.

Create your own rules for what you charge for additional guests, vehicles and pets.

Add as many tax rates as you need.

Many campgrounds need to charge different tax rates for cabins versus RV sites, so we created an easy way for you to add as many tax rates as you possibly need.

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