Get started taking online reservations.

We help campgrounds go from reservation forms and returning voicemails to completing automating the online reservation experience.

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Get started taking online reservations.

A better campground booking experience.

Here’s a brief video that breaks down how you can get set up for online reservations using CampgroundBooking.

A better campground booking experience.
Let guests book by site number or site type.

We know that each campground is different, so this is why we created custom rules that allow you to choose how you want your guests to book. If you want campers to book a specific site number, you can do that. If you want guests to only be able to choose their site type (i.e full hook up or back-in site), you can do this as well.

Customize your site rates.

We have a full rate table inside our reservation system which gives you the ability to customize your rates by season, day of the week or even holidays.

Have a fully mobile responsive booking page.

Your campground booking page displays smoothly on any device: desktop, tablet or mobile.

Receive email alerts with new reservations.

Each new reservation that comes in you will be notified that someone has made a reservation.

Charge different tax rates for sites.

Some campgrounds need to charge different tax rates for different site types, which you can easily do in our software.

View daily reservation revenue reports.

At the end of the each day, you can run a report to see who booked online and how your online reservations stack up against the manual bookings.

Benefits for campgrounds

Saves time responding to email and phone reservation requests.

Access to a free property management system where you can run reports, manage inbound campers and completely manage your park.

Automated confirmation emails sent to your guests so that you can sit back and watch the reservations come in, without having to lift a finger.

Benefits for campers

Can book instantly online instead of having to call or email.

They know they have a site available when showing up.

Can pay through a secure payment method versus giving credit card information over the phone or through email.

We’ll do the heavy lifting for you

From entering your rates to building out your interactive bookable map, we will take care of all the heavy lifting required to get your park set up for online bookings.

Our pricing


What does CampgroundBooking cost?

We don’t charge campgrounds anything to use our reservation system. 

When campers book online, they pay a flat, $5USD ($7CAD) service fee. To learn more about our pricing, check out our pricing page here.

Can I designate how many nights a guest can book online?

Yes, you can set a limit for how many nights a customer can book online.

I prefer to not let customers pick their specific site because ours are complicated. How would that work?

Inside your settings, you can choose whether you want your guests to book by site number or site type. This allows you to move guests around as you see fit.

How does your system know that an RV can fit into a specific site?

When we set up your sites for you, we put the dimensions of each site so that only appropriately sized RVs can select that spot.

Is your booking page mobile friendly/responsive?


How do you handle cancellations and deposits?

You can designate if you would prefer to accept deposits or collect the full reservation amount at booking. For cancellations, you set your own rules. You have the ability to set a percentage-based cancellation fee or flat fee and you also have the power to cancel your reservations at any time.

My campground is really small, is it worth it for me to take online reservations?

We work with campground of all sizes from six campsites to hundreds and our process is very similar: we want to help you create more time in your business and automate your online reservation experience. 

How do I get paid from my campers?

We have an integration with Stripe and this connects directly with your bank account. 

See more features: Drag and Drop Reservation Grid

With our drag and drop reservation grid, you can easily move guests around, collect payments and extend bookings — all within your reservation grid.

Start using drag and drop.

See more features: Settings

Let your guests book by site or site type, customize your rates and much more with our advanced settings

See CampgroundBooking settings.