why online bookings for campgrounds
Campgrounds without online bookings have to deal with overwhelming calendars to keep up with reservations.

Not having last-minute reservations means less business and more work for you.

On average, campgrounds lose 300 hours a year taking reservations over the phone or email (data via Campground Booking).

The reason? Guests can’t book online. And even if they can, they need the campground to approve the reservation and manually place them.

While some parks are understandably strategic in who they want to stay at their park, they’re missing out on a ton of business, considering “72% of mobile bookings on an OTA site or through an OTA app were made within one day of the stay (PeekPro).”

Overall, last-minute reservations are GOOD for campgrounds and could mean substantial growth for your park. Here are three ways procrastinators can benefit your campground.

1. More reservations.

Perhaps the most compelling reason for allowing bookings at the eleventh hour is the way in increases your bottom line.

On average, our campgrounds increase their revenue by 25% just by adding the option for last-minute reservations online.

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For a third-party perspective, PeekPro found that 44% of leisure travelers book at the last minute, with “34 percent of these travelers book a trip of 0 to 3 days in duration.”

By not allowing late reservations, you could potentially be missing out on nearly a third of the business you would otherwise have.

2. Increased efficiency.

A 2019 study from Housecall Pro found that owner-operated businesses increased revenue by 120% after “implementing an online booking system.”

While there are several factors that could validate this stat, it’s safe to say that automated reservations take all of the leg-work off your plate, and eliminate the potential for human error.

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Not to mention that Campground Booking parks also benefit from channel partners like Go RVing CanadaTravel British Columbia, and the Canadian Campground and RV Council (CCRVC). This accounts for an additional 2 million visitors and 80,000 nights across our platforms.

So in the event of a cancellation or a “no-show” you stand a better chance of someone swooping in and taking a vacant spot, thus maximizing occupancy.

3. Better customer experience.

Over a third of your potential reservations won’t come during office hours.

According to Setmore CEO Bryce Morrow, “50% of customers prefer to book online and 35% of customers prefer to make appointments after business hours (via Forbes).”

We’ve had a handful of our campgrounds find that just by having online reservations available outside of office hours, they’ve grown their business upwards of 5% just off of people looking for a spot they can “let themselves into” after hours.

Going hand in hand, Forbes also claims that investing in a better customer experience and giving them autonomy could lead customers “to pay 16% more for your products and services,” and add a sense of loyalty to boot.

Last-minute reservations.

Giving campers autonomy can go a long way in growing your business. By letting guests have direct online booking, your park will be able to:

  1. Add more reservations annually.
  2. Increase your booking efficiency.
  3. Create a better guest experience.

Sometimes it (literally) pays to procrastinate.

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