Manage your park with drag and drop.

Our drag and drop dashboard allows you to easily move your guests around in a beautiful grid.

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Manage your park with drag and drop.

See our reservation grid in action.

Many of our campgrounds spend the majority of the day looking at their dashboard grid, so this is where we’ve spent a lot of our time and effort. Our dashboard loads incredibly fast and you can easily manage all of your inbound campers from this view.

See our reservation grid in action.

Print off parking permits.

If your park needs to print off parking permits, you can do this easily from our dashboard, as well as for any of your campers’ guests. As a default, each parking pass has the reservation number and checkout date.

Make dashboard reservations

From the dashboard, you can easily take over-the-phone or walk-in reservations (or block off sites). In the reservation process you also have the ability to create group bookings or add-on items (i.e firewood, ice, etc.) onto any particular reservation.

Check guests in and out.

With the click of a button, you can check guests in and out of your park. Customers who have checked-in show up as a different color allowing you to see who hasn’t yet arrived.


Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is it?

We know that during peak camping season things are crazy hectic. We’ve made it our personal mission to make this dashboard as fast as possible. It currently is tested with hundreds of sites and thousands of bookings and will load within milliseconds. 

Is CampgroundBooking cloud based?

Yes. Our software is a web application. However, we know that thousands of campers and hundreds of campground employees depend on us daily. We back up every single reservation and make it our priority to not let our customers experience any downtime whatsoever.

What payment services do you support?

We use Stripe as our payment processor. However, you can also track other payment platforms and methods within CampgroundBooking.

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Our awesome reports allow you to easily print off or export daily reports such as: guests who are checking in, daily revenue, occupancy and much more.

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More features: Online Reservations

With CampgroundBooking, guests will be able to click a “book now” link on your site and complete a reservation within seconds.

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