Unlock more bookings with our channel manager.

We’ve partnered with some of the most influential camping websites and turned them into campground booking engines. Our partnered booking sites focus on driving campers to your park.

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Unlock more bookings with our channel manager.

Commission free CampgroundBooking partners.

Each year, over 2 million people plan their camping trip using one of our booking partners. With CampgroundBooking you can boost your occupancy by receiving direct bookings from our partner sites. Unlike traditional online travel agencies, you keep all your revenue.


camper nights booked

2 million

annual visitors



How our booking partners can help you.

Connecting you with potential guests…

Our partners like GoRVing Canada are exclusively focused on providing amazing content and resources for travelers. As a result, they attract qualified guests to their website who are ready to book a site at your park. By signing up, you’re able to tap into an existing network of campers.

How our booking partners can help you.

…and turning them into customers.

Customers can book a site at your park directly through one of our partners. We provide a simple and safe booking platform and an easy reservation flow for the camper.

How our booking partners can help you.
Create your own booking rules.

Create your own booking rules.

Set your own cancellation policies, payment and booking rules. We’ll handle the rest.

Edit your listing.

Instead of having to edit your listing across multiple campground directories, you can push updates to all of our partners with one click.

Keep all your booking revenue.

Unlike traditional booking sites for hotels, our booking partners don’t take a cut of your revenue. The customer pays a small service fee on top of the reservation.


Do I pay extra for this?

No, this is included when you sign up to use CampgroundBooking. However, some partners (such as GoRVing Canada) require that you already be a member of the campground association in order to accept bookings.

Will my guests pay a fee if they book through a partner?

Yes. If a guest finds and books a site at your park through one of our partners, they will pay a small service fee on top of your reservation rate. We work with our partners to set these rates and they are capped to never be more than 10%.

How many bookings will these partners provide?

Every park is different, but our booking partners are exclusively focused on helping drive more guests to your campground. 

Do you work with parks in the US?

Yes, we work with campgrounds in the US as well. 

Is this additional work on top of managing your reservation system?

No, there is zero extra work to hook up our channel manager with these partners. When you sign up and input your campground information, we will automatically push out your listing to our partners.

Do I have to use the full CampgroundBooking solution in order to accept bookings from your partners?

No. We have the ability to send you reservation requests that you approve or deny based on your existing availability.


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In partnership with the Canadian Campground Association, we recently helped GoRVing Canada launch a new version of their campground listings, with an upgraded feature allowing guests to book campsites directly online. Now, guests can plan their trips and book a stay without ever leaving the site.

Book through GoRVing Canada

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Customize the length and dimensions of each of your sites, whether guests can book by site number or site type, input all of your seasonal rates and much more.

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See More Features: Campground Reporting

Occupancy, end of day, checking in/out and revenue reports are all just a few of the daily insights you can leverage with CampgroundBooking.

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