7 Financial Tips for Campgrounds (from The Campground CPA)

Knowing how to evaluate and set up a campground for financial success can feel daunting. However, Mark Elliott (aka The Campground CPA) has 7 financial tips for campgrounds.

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zoning an RV park

Best Practices for Zoning an RV Park

The last thing owners want to deal with is zoning regulations slowing down your park’s build.

Here are a few ways to make zoning your RV park a much easier process.

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buying a campground

9 Easy Tips For Buying a Campground

Buying a campground could be an investment worth $273K a year. And while it can feel like a complicated process, it doesn’t have to be.

Here are 9 easy tips for buying an RV park.

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buying a campground

How to Design a Campground in 5 Steps

Starting an RV park can be a great investment as long as you have the right plan. Here are 5 things to consider when designing a campground.

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How Much It Costs to Start a Campground (Whether You Build or Buy)

How much does it cost to buy an RV park?

We interviewed park owners to put together a list of financial considerations before buying or building a campground.

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How to Setup WiFi at an RV Park (and Why You Need It)

Our studies found that 71% of RVers say quality WiFi at a campground is essential, and that, in some cases, it’s a dealbreaker to not have it.

Here’s how you can get quality and affordable WiFi at your campground.

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manage a campground

4 Reasons Why You Should Join a Campground Association

Getting your RV park to stand out can be a challenge. But through local and national associations, campground owners are able to tap into more resources, increase reservations and have a louder voice in legislative matters. Here are 4 reasons to join an association, as well as 40 organizations all over the US and Canada.

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Online Bookings

7 Reasons You Should Start Taking Online Reservations at Your Campground

If you’re trying to grow your campground’s business, taking online reservations is the best place to start. Here are seven reasons owners are switching over to online reservation systems for their campground.

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12 Great Events for Campground Owners in 2021 (In-person and Online!)

Looking to grow your campground with tips from the experts? Check out this list of in-person and digital events for campground owners to attend in 2021.

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4 Websites Where You Can Find RV Parks for Sale

Part of what we want to do at Campground Booking is be a resource for RV park owners. So in addition to our campground reservation software, we’re going to be pushing out content that helps campground owners run and manage their park.

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