Heath here,

Today we have a major announcement from the Campground Booking team.

We’re excited to officially announce that Campground Booking has joined forces in an acquisition with Good Sam.

Before getting into why we believe this a meaningful opportunity, I want to unpack what this means for our existing campground customers:

  • There will be no price changes for you. If you’ve signed up at a certain price point, that price point will be honored moving forward.
  • For support, your point of contact will remain the same. Our entire team (including myself) will continue to actively manage Campground Booking.
  • Your login access will stay the same.
  • The product will have no immediate changes, other than improvements currently in development.

Why We’ve Teamed Up with Good Sam

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When we started Campground Booking in 2016, our goal was to not only modernize the campground reservation process but to improve the lack of technology in the outdoor industry as a whole. As full-time RVers, Paul and I have spent thousands of nights on the road and intimately know the pain point of being able to find and book campsites.

Over the last five years, we’ve built a platform that has processed millions of dollars in bookings and helped campground operators across North America to save time & money running their business.

As we look ahead, there are a number of reasons why we felt partnering with Good Sam was the right decision for our team and our parks.

This new partnership with Good Sam will allow us to:

Leverage more resources to grow our platform faster. There are a number of features we want to build out for our campgrounds. This partnership will allow us to quickly scale our development team and achieve our 2-3 year goals by the end of 2021.

Drive more bookings and revenue to your park from 2 million Good Sam members. Good Sam offers one of the largest networks of RVers across the US and Canada. A primary reason we felt the partnership with Good Sam would be meaningful to our campground community is the ability to leverage their RVer network to drive more business and awareness to our campgrounds. 

We are genuinely excited to make this announcement and for the opportunity to continue growing alongside a trusted partner in the RV industry.

If you’re an existing Campground Booking customer, we will have open office hours with our team to answer any questions you have about this update (plus, you can always contact us anytime).

We are so grateful that you have trusted us to work with your business and power your campground operations. We look forward to continuing to earn that trust and provide a valuable platform to all the parks who use Campground Booking.

If you’re a campground owner or manager looking for a platform to power your online reservations, you can chat with our team here.