WiFi at an RV park

5 Tips for New Campground Owners (or Managers)

If you’re in the throes of starting up your first campground or stepping into a new role as a manager, I wanted to share some advice from a recent conversation I had with a first-year operator.

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5 Tips for Campgrounds: How to Respond to Bad Reviews

No matter how great your campground is, bad reviews are inevitable, but they don’t have to be permanent. Here are 5 steps to turn negative reviews into positive ones.

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How to Easily Onboard a Campground Reservation System (in a Week or Less)

Switching to a new campground software doesn’t have to be a daunting task! Here’s how one of our parks successfully onboarded with us in just one week.

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7 Campground Review Sites All Owners Need to Watch

Data shows that online reviews are the lifeblood of campgrounds. Here are the best campground review sites for RV park owners.

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11 Ways to Boost Occupancy at Your Campground

The best way to make more money at your campground is to boost your occupancy! In this blog post, we share 11 tips for campground owners looking to take more reservations this year. (#4 might surprise you!)

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glamping options for campgrounds

Top 10 Best RV Park Amenities (According to RVers)

We surveyed over 600 full-time and part-time RVers, and ranked the top 10 best RV park amenities based on their responses.

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Online Bookings

7 Reasons You Should Start Taking Online Reservations at Your Campground

If you’re trying to grow your campground’s business, taking online reservations is the best place to start. Here are seven reasons owners are switching over to online reservation systems for their campground.

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12 Great Events for Campground Owners in 2021 (In-person and Online!)

Looking to grow your campground with tips from the experts? Check out this list of in-person and digital events for campground owners to attend in 2021.

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Email Marketing for Campgrounds

How to Start an Email List for Your Campground

Looking to increase bookings, get more repeat customers, and grow your campground’s revenue this camping season?

Email marketing can help you do all three, and it’s a low-investment marketing channel—both from a time and cost perspective.

Here are a few first steps to getting your email marketing program up and going

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The Best Place to Stay When Visiting the Bay of Fundy

Not just because the tide changes 53.5 feet everyday (though this is crazy), but really it was the charm of the entire area. The ponderosa pines and the wildlife and small town charm along the coast makes this area one that I’ll remember for years to come. If you’re thinking about making a trip out to the coast, I wanted to where I believe is the best place to stay when visiting the Bay of Fundy.

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