3 Reasons (Online) Last-Minute Reservations are Good for Campgrounds

Did you know that a recent study found roughly 44% of pleasure travelers book their reservations at the last minute?

This means that without last-minute bookings, you could be missing out on nearly half of your potential business.

Backed by industry data, here are 3 reasons last-minute reservations are good for campgrounds.

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6 Cost-effective Ways to Improve Campground Security.

It’s not fun to talk about, but campgrounds are not impervious to crime.

If you’re looking to create an even safer environment for guests and staff (not to mention save a few thousands of dollars), here are 6 cost-effective ways to improve campground security.

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3 Ways to be the Best Dog-Friendly Campground Ever

A recent study found that as many as 90% of RVers bring their pets on the road, while another study showed that 31% of guests will pass on campgrounds entirely if they don’t have adequate dog-friendly campgrounds.

Here are 3 ways to make sure your park stands out with dog-lovers.

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7 Financial Tips for Campgrounds (from The Campground CPA)

Knowing how to evaluate and set up a campground for financial success can feel daunting. However, Mark Elliott (aka The Campground CPA) has 7 financial tips for campgrounds.

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Oscars: Why ‘Nomadland’ Winning is Great for Campground Owners

‘Nomadland’ was the big winner at the 2021 Oscars, and considering it’s honest portrayal of van-dwellers and nomadic communities, it’s a big win for campground owners.

Here’s why this movie could mean more business for your RV park.

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Campground Booking Is Now Part of the Good Sam Family

We are excited to announce that Campground Booking has officially joined the Good Sam team in our mission to better serve and support campground owners!

Read our full statement from our CEO Heath Padgett!

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Why Campground Owners Should Offer RV Rentals

While RV ownership is at an all-time high, there are still 35 million people consistently renting instead.

With more people going camping than ever before, there’s a unique opportunity for park owners to connect with new guests by renting out motorhomes of their own.

Here’s why campground owners should rent out RVs.

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7 Effective Ways to Advertise Your Campground

It’s no secret that camping has exploded in the past five years. But how do you make sure campers find your campground?

You’ll of course need a website, some good photos of your property, and a way for people to book campsites.

But how can you advertise your campground to stand out from the competition?

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How Campgrounds Can Make a Year’s Revenue in a Week

What if you take all of your reservations for the year in one week? Imagine how much time you could get back to focus on other areas of your business. Following these four tips, we’ve seen dozens of campgrounds grow their parks’ business faster than ever…all in the first week of the year.

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Better Campground Photos = More Reservations (+4 Tips for Getting Great Photos)

Research shows that quality photos bring in 94% more traffic and can even double the number of reservations.

Here are 4 reasons why better campground photos bring in more business (and 4 tips for better pics).

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