I wrote this post after visiting a couple of our Campground Booking customers and feel it is absolutely the best place to stay when visiting the Bay of Fundy.

The Bay of Fundy blew me away.

Not just because the tide changes 53.5 feet everyday (though this is crazy), but really it was the charm of the entire area. The ponderosa pines and the wildlife and small town charm along the coast makes this area one that I’ll remember for years to come. If you’re thinking about making a trip out to the coast, I wanted to where I believe is the best place to stay when visiting the Bay of Fundy.

The Best Place to Stay When Visiting the Bay of Fundy: Ponderosa Pines Campground

Ponderosa Pines Campground is more than just a place to toss a tent or park your RV (you can view their cabins and cottage here), but it’s really an experience in and of itself. Located right next door to Hopewell Rocks, you’re able to appreciate the beauty of the coast from the campground as well as while visiting the Bay of Fundy.

Why Stay at Ponderosa Pines While Visiting the Bay of Fundy?

Whether you’re planning to bring (or rent) an RV, here’s a few reasons why I feel Ponderosa Pines is a great place to stay.

Proximity to Hopewell Rocks.

When I say you’re right next to the Bay of Fundy, I mean you’re literally next door (see Google map screenshot below). Hopewell Rocks is considered one of the best places to experience the large tide changes and while staying at Ponderosa Pines, you don’t have to go far at all to be inside the park.

There’s lodging for everyone.

One of the spacious RV sites with waterfront views

Whether you’re looking to bring your RV, stake a tent or want to sleep indoors — Ponderosa Pines has a place for you to stay. The RV sites are thoughtfully placed across the park with ample space and with plenty of room for tents as well.

If you prefer to stay in a cabin or private cottage, Ponderosa Pines has waterfront cabins and a private cottage that is tucked away in the woods. During my visit, I actually stayed in the cottage and enjoyed my quiet mornings out on this beautiful patio.

A true nature experience built in to your stay.

The views you see from almost every direction inside of the park are spectacular (this is true no matter what type of lodging you book). I snapped the photo below during one of the evenings during my stay. These views do not get old.

Amazing local hosts.

Phyllis and Kirk are the campground owners and operators and the nicest people you will ever meet. Phyllis’ parents actually bought the property over 50 years and where it was originally marshland, converted it into the destination that it is today. While spending time on site with both of the owners, you can truly appreciate how much excitement and passion they have for this area.

You take a nature walk to get to your cabin.

Instead of driving a golf cart on a concrete path to get to your cabin, you take a scenic nature walk with nothing surrounding you but trees.

The placement of the cabins at Ponderosa is one the features that struck me the most. They are thoughtfully placed on the water and isolated enough to give you plenty of privacy during your stay.

Waterfront views from the cabins at Ponderosa Pines

You could potentially meet a moose.

During my stay we were visited by a gorgeous moose that was out grazing in the marsh. Unfortunately, my iPhone zoom shows a very pixelated version. However, still pretty amazing to see a moose from your campsite!

Though of all the reasons I believe this is a great place to stay when visiting the Bay of Fundy, perhaps one of the elements that I love most about Ponderosa Pines is how hard Kirk and Phyllis have worked to maintain and keep the beauty of the natural surroundings. Instead of overbuilding up the park, they’ve left large areas of the park completely untouched for guests to enjoy.

As more and more campgrounds feel over-manufactured, Ponderosa Pines leaves you truly immersed in the natural beauty of the coast.

If you want to enjoy a serene trip out to the coast and stay at Ponderosa Pines, you can reserve your site through Campground Booking below.