7 Effective Ways to Advertise Your Campground

It’s no secret that camping has exploded in the past five years. But how do you make sure campers find your campground?

You’ll of course need a website, some good photos of your property, and a way for people to book campsites.

But how can you advertise your campground to stand out from the competition?

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How Campgrounds Can Make a Year’s Revenue in a Week

What if you take all of your reservations for the year in one week? Imagine how much time you could get back to focus on other areas of your business. Following these four tips, we’ve seen dozens of campgrounds grow their parks’ business faster than ever…all in the first week of the year.

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Better Campground Photos = More Reservations (+4 Tips for Getting Great Photos)

Research shows that quality photos bring in 94% more traffic and can even double the number of reservations.

Here are 4 reasons why better campground photos bring in more business (and 4 tips for better pics).

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6 Ways to Get More Reservations During Shoulder Seasons

With the right online tools and strategy, we’ve seen campgrounds double their business in slower months.

Here are 6 ways to get more reservations during shoulder seasons.

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The 3 Ways Guests Want to Camp at Your Park (Based on Camper Data)

Since the pandemic, RVIA reported that 46 million people either went or are planning to go RVing.

But that doesn’t account for the number of people opting to camp by tent, cabin, or even glamping.

To give some context, we dug into our own data as well research from other industry sources.

Here are the 3 ways guests want to camp at your park.

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RVing in 2021

Who’s camping in 2021? More people than ever. Here’s what the data says.

46 million travelers went RVing in 2020, reaching an industry high. But how many people will hit the road this year?

Well, here’s what the data says and what you can expect for your campground this year.

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make money at your campground

12 Creative Ways to Make Extra Money at Your Campground

The best way to increase revenue is by boosting occupancy. But what are some alternative ways to make money at your campground?

We connected with a number of campgrounds to find that there’s actually a fair amount of ways to monetize your property from amenities to experiences offered.

Here are 12 creative ways to diversify your income and make more money at your RV park.

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manage a campground

7 Ways to Successfully Manage a Campground

Even though there’s a lot that goes into running a campground, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming

Here are 7 tips to successfully manage your campground.

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glamping campgrounds

16 Unique Options for Adding Glamping to Your Campground

Glamping campgrounds or “glampgrounds” are skyrocketing in popularity. But what accommodations do they offer? Here are 16 unique ideas to attract more guests to your campground.

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how profitable is it to own a campground

How profitable is it to own a campground?

Over 40 million Americans go RVing regularly, creating an industry worth $8.73 billion. So, it is worth it to own an RV park?

Here are a few things to consider to determine how profitable owning a campground could be.

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