In this post I share 4 websites where you can find RV parks for sale.

Part of what we want to do at Campground Booking is be a resource for RV park owners. So in addition to our campground reservation software, we’re going to be pushing out content that helps campground owners run and manage their park.

Today I wanted to share a list of websites where you can find RV parks for sale. I know about these websites, in part, because I have spent a ridiculous amount of time online researching RV parks for sale (almost as much time as I spend on RVTrader and Craigslist looking at RV’s).

For most of my adult life, my father and I have talked about buying an RV park together. Plus, this anticipation of buying a campground was only amplified when Alyssa and I started RVing full-time in 2014. While we aren’t yet ready to pull the trigger on buying an RV park, my hope is that while working with RV park owners we can learn a thing or two about how to manage a park.

Here’s the list of websites where you can find RV parks for sale.

1. Campground Connection

Campground Connection is the largest online marketplace for buying and selling campgrounds. The owner’s name is Marilyn and she has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to buying and selling RV parks and campgrounds. Campground Connection is their phone number listed right on their site and you can give them a call and talk to a real person (which is always a breath of fresh air).

They also have a very thorough FAQ page for future campground owners, which walks you through some of the most commonly asked questions.

Go to the Campground Connection website.

2. is another site where you can find a large number of RV park listings. Their site is a bit less maneuverable than Campground Connection, but still have a lot of campground listings available (as well as marinas).

Check out


Parks and Places has a simple format where you can easily scroll listings, see prices or browse listings by geographic region. They also have a “Tips for buyers” video series that you’ll find on their website.

You can check out Parks and Places here.


Judging by the old-school vibes of this site, I’m not sure how often it’s updated. However, there are still several campground listings available to browse.

Check out