In 2018, 41 million people went camping—an industry high at the time (Statista).

And in 2020, the RVIA reported that 46 million people either went or are planning to go RVing. That number doesn’t even account for people camping by tents, cabins, or glamping!

The demand for quality campgrounds has grown substantially, but how are campers staying? RVs? Tents? Cabins?

ways guests want to camp
Arosa Ranch in Bridesville, BC

To give you an idea of what to expect this year, we pulled data from reservations made through Campground Booking, as well as other industry sources. Here’s what our research says about what kind of camping you can expect at your park.

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1. RVs

ways guests want to camp

When it comes to campgrounds, RVs are the #1 way people choose to camp.

A little over 75% of the reservations that came in for Campground Booking were for RVs (from travel trailers to motorhomes to vans and everything in-between).

If you’re looking to build or expand your campground, offering plenty of full hook-up RV campsites is a must.

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2. Tents

ways guests want to camp
Woodlands Fishin’ Resort in Chilanko Forks, BC. 

This past year, 1 out of 5 people who used Campground Booking reserved tent sites. Tenting is even more popular at public parks, like state and national park campgrounds.

Given how inexpensive it is to create tent sites and the low cost of ongoing maintenance, it could be worth your time to add a tenting section in a shaded area in your park.

3. Cabins and Glamping

ways guests want to camp
Photo courtesy of Cees and Madison Hofman

While cabins and various types of luxurious “glamping” only accounted for 2.19% of Campground Booking’s reservations last year, the demand is certainly growing.

“Cabins have increased in popularity with 21% of Millennials, 22% of Generation X and 33% of Baby Boomers staying in cabins.” (Condor) In other words, cabins are still going to draw in a crowd, regardless of age.

However, while cabins are still relevant, interests seem to be shifting to novelty options like yurts, tiny homes, and even treehouses. Specifically, this past year Condor reported that 50% of campers wanted to experience glamping —more than double the response they got in 2019.

To give this some financial context, Fox Business estimates that glamping in the US will be worth as much as $4.8 billion by 2025.” If you’re looking to expand your camping option at your park, it would be good to start thinking about ways your campground could incorporate unique camping experiences sooner than later.

ways guests want to camp
Arosa Ranch in Bridesville, BC

Next Steps

RVs and tents are the most popular reservations you’ll see, so be sure to market your park to RVers and tent campers. But don’t forget to consider the continued growth in the glamping industry by building or buying glamping options like canvas tents or cabins to appeal to more campers.

To keep up with a growing market and industry changes, consider the following:

ways guests want to camp

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