Intuitive property management software for campground operators.

Take online reservations, manage your RV park, send automated emails, and much more with our property management system.

What is Campground Booking?

Campground Reservation Management Screenshot showing easy booking management for campground staff

A Powerful Campground Management Software

A campground management software that won’t take you a month to learn how to operate. You can sign up for free, with no strings attached and begin immediately using our campground management software. Get access to advanced reporting, email automation, and much more.

A Simple Way to Accept Online Reservations

We’ll create a reservation widget that can live on your website or on a designated webpage. This way, when customers come to your site you can immediately begin accepting online reservations with ease. We also offer the ability to accept “reservation requests” so that you can make sure each camper receives the best possible site.

Keep Track of Your Campers

Inside our software we have a dashboard that helps you keep track of your most meaningful business metrics. At a glance, you’ll be able to see incoming reservations, daily financial reports, and take over the phone or walk-in reservations.

Advance reporting

Campground Booking has built-in reporting so you can easily export your key finance and business reports. Our software will easily integrate with Quickbooks, as well as other providers.

Point of sale system

Manage your campground store with our software. Easily add new bundles of wood, s’mores, and all of the camping essentials into our point of sale system.

Email Automation

Streamline and automate emails that are sent to your campers upon making a reservation or checking out, or more. Each email can be customized for a personalized experience.

Request a Demo

Want to jump on a call with us and see a demo of our software? Drop your email below and we’ll set up a time to talk!